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Carpet Cleaning Spring Valley CA & Surrounding Areas

Truly Clean has been making clients happy one home at a time since 1999.  We offer professional carpet cleaning services to both the residential and commercial arenas.  A service call from us will get your carpeting cleaner and more attractive. We will enhance the overall quality of the home or business.  Besides removing stains and wear on the carpets in areas with high traffic, the carpets become safer for a healthy environment where bacteria and allergens are removed.

For those who are on a limited budget but want to transform their carpeting or repair a few stains, our professionals at Truly Clean also color repair carpet which is often referred to as spot dyeing of stains. We are experienced in repairing spots from bleach, pet urine and sun fading.  For the property manager or home owner not interested in breaking the bank we offer full room carpet dyeing.  Full room dyed carpets can only be dyed darker than the original color.  It’s an affordable option that works to camouflage stains or discoloration that has occurred over time, while also enhancing the décor and style of the home.

In addition to our carpet cleaning service, we offer oriental and fine area rug cleaning to ensure that the quality and appearance of your rug is maintained for prolonged durability.  In most cases rugs are picked up and cleaned in our rug cleaning plant.  We are able to treat and care for your rug in a much more intimate way at our shop than on location.  Our specialty rug cleaning process generally takes up to seven days.  We will schedule a time with you for delivery upon completion.

“SURE—WE CLEAN UPHOLSTERY”.  Upholstery furniture cleaning is one of our most popular services.  As a professional cleaning firm truly clean takes every advantage of professional training and makes every effort to raise the standards of our industry.  Upholstery, unlike carpet has thousands of combinations of fibers, colors and types of construction that bring unique challenges to the professional cleaner.  We are experienced and well prepared to clean your upholstered fabrics using any one of the six methods available to clean upholstery.  Don’t let just anyone clean your sensitive fabrics!  Our technicians know how to clean the finest of upholstery.

Additional services include professional tile and grout cleaning, along with pet odor control and urine spot cleaning.  Cleaning your grout will remove bacteria and make the surface appear like new.  Our pet odor control cleaning service will improve the indoor air quality in your home and make it safe for you and your family to breath.  In many situations we use enzymes to treat the harmful pollutants caused by pet urine.  Our vans are stocked with only the best products from top manufactures.